We prove our credibility and reliability through the number of certifications that we have received in our many years of operation. From ISO Certifications, CE Certificates, and OHSAS Certifications, we can fully say that you can put your trust in us, our company, its products and services.

CE Certification for SRM Compressor Unit, WST Screw Expansion Unit and Compressor Unit

Certificate of Design Inspection of Economy ZL-XR26M-A 、P-1001-112-I-16 GYF series、Storage Refrigeration System(WZF,LZF,GZA)CE authentication

Filter Authentication Certificate GLQ(MX)240(CE), Design Test Certificate for Evaporator GK82.5, Certificate of Design Test for Condenser WNF132 authentication

Iceboard(small size), block ice machine, automatic ice storage tank CE authentication

IceboardAir cooled,Water cooled,Single)、Compression unit, SRM series open screw compressor CE authentication

Oil coolers(WNG33.7)、Oil separator(YF600)、Oil separator certification certificate(YF-XR26L)CE Authentication

P1001-112-I-08 (WNG series)、P1001-112-I-09( YF series)、P1001-112-I-10 (YF-XR series)CE authentication

Pressure vessel PED certification.

SW series refrigeration screw compressor, SRC 134 series compressor(semi-sealed refrigeration screw compressor), SP series compressor(semi-closed piston compressor) CE authentication

Test certificate for refrigeration system design of sheet ice machine, test certificate for condenser design, test certificate for pipe ice machine design CE authentication