Snowkey provides everything you need to make, handle, package and store ice. From party ice to concrete cooling and everything in between, you are guaranteed that Snowkey can provide  an appropriate solution  for your needs.

Whatever your needs for fishing , horticulture, poultry, meat processing, concreting, package ice or water chilling, you can get  it all here in Snowkey.

SRM Sweden is an integral part of Snowman Group, the world’s fastest growing compressor supplier, with 14 Group Companies on 5 continents and sales partners covering every continent.

Our technical excellence and elevated production capacity affirm our position as a leading global refrigeration compressor manufacturer.

Intuition, courage, innovation: these are the hallmarks of the history of RefComp, the historic Italian brand that since 1991 has been an international reference point in the design, construction and marketing of compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

RefComp is a part Fujian Snowman Co. Ltd. Group. leader in the refrigeration sector with an office here in the Philippines.